President Aleks Mehrle

Mr. Mehrle is President and Co-founder of Ukraine Global Trade and Investor, Inc. (“UGTI”). UGTI aims to become a transparent, efficient and powerful driver of sustainable economic growth and development in Ukraine. UGTI will succeed by ensuring that Ukrainian partners conduct business in a way that earns the respect and trust of investors, partners and customers worldwide. Mr. Mehrle is a licensed attorney and experienced business development professional, working with banks and international financing organizations to secure project-related financing. His primary responsibilities for UGTI includes securing the participation and coordinating collaboration with leading US partners across a variety of sectors including education, energy, finance and innovation. To meet these obligations, Aleks draws on his experience as Licensing Counsel for a global patent licensing company where he is a lead negotiator for all active patent licensing programs and developed patent and technology monetization opportunities through partnerships with universities, technology companies, law firms and the financial industry. With this experience, Mr. Mehrle has developed strong relationships and partnerships with companies making an impact in cyber security and energy security alike. In the area of Cybersecurity, Mr. Mehrle was instrumental in initiating and launching the “US-Ukraine Cybersecurity Partnership: A Track 1.5 Initiative" with George Washington University’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security.